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Every year, TCA offers a numerous highly rated open programmes on a number of subjects including law, taxation, finance, leadership and other professional development areas. In the last few years TCA has trained over 1,000 professionals working with Government, Parastatals, Private Sector Organisations, blue chip companies, NGO’s, Co-operatives and SMEs. Our training programmes are delivered by professionals and managed with exceptional care and attention. The Courses provide practical learning skills to individual staff.
Rich and diverse interaction
Our trainings have had a regional appeal attracting participants and facilitators from Burundi, Kenya, Lesotho, Malawi, Rwanda, South Africa, Sudan, Swaziland, Tanzania, Uganda, United Kingdom and Zimbabwe.
Accreditation by Law Society of Kenya
We are authorized by the Law Society of Kenya to run a series of Continuous Legal Education (CLE) Courses as independent providers. Members of the honourable Society who attend our Courses are credited with CLE Points. We are also working to seek accreditation other professional bodies like ICPAK, ICPSK and IHRM so that their members can earn CPD credits.
Registration with National Industrial Training Authority (NITA)

We are also registered with the National Industrial Training Authority (formerly Directorate of Industrial Training) as supervisory and management trainers for a number of management and supervisory trainings. Kenyan levy contributors may qualify for reimbursement of training costs incurred on our Courses. To see whether you qualify, kindly get in touch directly with NITA.

Our DIT Registration Number is DIT/TRN/772.

Our main objective is

To offer our client organisations interactive, incisive and practically focused learning solutions which have measurable results and provide a return on your investment. TCA looks forward to supporting your ongoing learning and development needs this year. We shall be delighted to host you on one of our upcoming open Courses!

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